Empowering Female Artists Through Ladyfest


Music is usually seen as a form of art and self-expression. People express their innermost feelings through the music that they write and perform, and they do this through the aid of lyrics, rhythm, and the various musical instruments that can be used. However, music is also something that’s capable of inspiring people, and Ladyfest is proof of this.

Ladyfest is a festival dedicated to female artists. It was first conducted in the community of Olympia, Washington back in the year 2000.That very first Ladyfest event can only be described as successful and spectacular, because it had over 2000 people in attendance. Ladyfest was organized as something that’s community-based. Unlike other festivals and shows, Ladyfest is not organized for profit but simply for the fact that it can empower female artists and give them a venue to express themselves.


The Power of Female Artists

While female musicians are a big part of Ladyfest, the event is actually a festival that caters to all kinds of female artists. This means that it’s not only limited to singers, female bands and other musical groups. Test Socket Other performance artists like dancers are also welcome. Even visual artists can participate and showcase their talent as well as make art exhibitions that can people can participate in. Authors and poets can do special readings with the audience, and even filmmakers can show their short films.

Ladyfest is also largely interactive, because lectures and even workshops can also be organized within the festival.  To appreciate female artists, it’s not only enough to see their work but there needs to be an appreciation of what they do. Through workshops, the audience becomes more attuned to the art that is being celebrated.


Where to Catch Ladyfest

Twelve years after it was first organized, Ladyfest has really become popular all over the world. It’s still a community-based festival that’s organized mainly by volunteers, and each event is organized separately from the others. This means that each event will be localized to wherever it’s going to be held. If you want to catch Ladyfest, many cities in the United States already have it. Examples of these are Texas, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Orlando, Brooklyn, San Diego, Chicago and San Francisco.

Ladyfest has also been organized in other countries. Among many others, there’s Toronto and Ottawa in Canada, Madrid and Sevilla in Spain, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Melbourne in Australia, Toulouse in France, Berlin in Germany, and Wellington in New Zealand. In the United Kingdom we have Cambridge, London, Oxford, and even Glasgow. Clearly, Ladyfest has evolved into an international phenomenon.


The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival




Gender inequality in society has been an issue since the ancient times. Women have been traditionally marked as the “weaker” of the two genders, but that’s something that’s changing as time passes. Many cultures and societies have gone a long way since the gender inequalities of the past, because today women are more empowered to express themselves and their talents. This is largely because people are more liberal these days, but also because gender inequality is something that many movements are trying to address. The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival is one such movement.

The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival is basically a music festival dedicated to women. Since its inception in 1976, this festival is a way to express feminist politics through music and the performing arts. The festival is dedicated to women, so the performers, staff, organizers and audience are all women. This all-woman festival is a way for women to express their art, feminism and even spirituality. In fact, the word “womyn” is deliberately spelled this way as a reflection of feminism and the politics behind it.


A Short History

Also called the Michfest or the MWMF, The Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival was founded by Lisa Vogel, her sister Kristie Vogel, and her friend Mary Kindig. This was way back in 1976, and it was held near Mt. Pleasant. The area they used was 120 acres big, and for a weekend they were able to showcase many musicians and speakers, all of whom were of course women. This was actually just a manifestation of a popular trend that was going on in the 1970’s. The 1970’s was a decade that saw many women’s music festivals across America, and in fact the first Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival was inspired by the Boston Women’s Music Festival as well as the Midwest Women’s Festival.



The festival is basically held in a large open area, and logistics-wise, it’s such a huge event to organize and implement. Four stages are set up and this is where the women musicians showcase their talent. To ensure that this music will be heard by all the “festies” who will be attending, the equipment involved should be high-tech and capable. Aside from the musical performances, there are several booths around the area where workshops will be held. These workshops are manned by women of course they were also conceptualized with women in mind. Food and beverages are also sold during the festival.

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