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Preserve your fresh farm produce with dehydrators

Summer allows you to enjoy numerous fresh produce, but saving the best for winter is a tiring task. If you have a large family that loves fresh produce, you need to use dehydrators to preserve your food. The moisture and water content in the fresh produce is removed and the produce becomes ready to be preserved. Dehydrating food concentrates its nutritional content and enzymes. Cooking with dehydrated produce enhances the flavor while allowing you to enjoy out of season produce.

A dehydrator is a bulky machine that stays inside the cabinet for several months. However, when fresh produce is available in bulk for a cheaper price, you can quickly take your dehydrator out of the storage and use it to preserve the produce. It shrinks food dramatically and saves storage space. You can extend the shelf life of food as dehydrated food can be preserved for up to two years. While you are stacking up the trays, give enough room for the air circulation. It is much easier to spot bad food as it develops mold. You can use the dehydrated food as it is or rehydrate them when you need it.

LadyFest carries several dehydrators that can be expanded by adding more trays. The dehydrators are flexible as you can choose to dehydrate quickly in a few hours or run for a few days to dehydrate a large batch. Over drying is impossible with our advanced high quality dehydrates as they dehydrate at very low temperature.

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