The Music Festival Survival Guide for Ladies

Surviving a music festival is no easy feat unless you’re well prepared and well equipped. Make sure you pack everything you need to stay stunning, clean and dry throughout the duration of the event.

For the Tent

Your tent is your temporary home so you should aim to make it into a space where you can relax and recuperate after however many hours of partying. This isn’t easy considering it’s pitched in the middle of a field surrounded by thousands of other festival goers…

Ensure you have a good, thick sleeping bag that will provide enough warmth overnight. People often underestimate how chilly it can get in the night time even in warmer climates.

A pillow could be hard to transport so make your own out of clothing or a towel. Most importantly, don’t forget a pair of wax ear plugs. These are the best at blocking out noise.

You can never have too many plastic bags on hand for things like rubbish, dirty laundry or simply keeping things dry in the rain. They also let you keep the tent tidy that makes for a more relaxing environment.

Have a shower bag with essential festival toiletries to hand. Think dry shampoo, make up removal wipes and general wet wipes for your morning and evening beauty routines.

Handbag Essentials

Any young lady attending a music festival should arm herself with a sturdy, medium-sized handbag for all the essentials you might need whilst outside the comfort of your tent.

Before setting off, consult the festival’s rules and regulations to see what you can get away with lugging around with you. Just like airport security, most festival policies forbid bringing any liquids into the stage and entertainment areas be it bottles of water, mosquito repellent, or deodorant. You might be able to get away with a little vial of perfume, and a compact hand sanitiser, however. These could both come in handy to freshen up after a visit to one of the omnipresent portaloos.

Absolute must-haves are wet wipes and tissues for personal hygiene, and sunglasses and an emergency poncho or raincoat for sudden changes in the weather. Being prepared in advance could save you from having to make the long trek back to your tent if surprised by the rain.

To retain your groomed appearance throughout the day, make space in your bag for a few make up essentials such as powder and lipstick for touch ups. Be aware you won’t find many mirrors so try to squeeze in a compact one.

Hair has a tendency to go a bit limp and knotted at festivals so pop a comb in your bag to keep your mane nice and tidy.

Clothing and Footwear

It’s important to remember practicality when planning your music festival wardrobe. Skimpy tops and dresses may look fabulous but you’ll regret not wearing more the minute the rain starts pouring.

If you do plan on wearing dresses, shorts and sleeveless tops, bring additional layers like leggings and tights, cardigans and rain coats to keep you warm, dry and healthy.

A great idea is to choose simple, outdoorsy outfits that you can accessorise. Think scarves, earrings, hats and bracelets that will instantly add a touch of glam to even the blandest but most practical of garments.

Dark tones work best at festivals as they are more likely to conceal inevitable food, drink and mud stains. Patterns are even better. It’s hard to tell a brown polka dot from a spot of mud!

In terms of footwear there’s simply no better alternative to a classic pair of womens wellies that will let you trudge happily through the mud and other unpleasantness while looking stylish at the same time.

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