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Prepare delicious meals effortlessly with slow cookers

To prepare healthy and delicious meals, you don’t have to labor over hot stove. After taking care of kids and working at the office, no one has the time to stand for an hour or two to make dinner. Slow cookers make it easy to create scrumptious food without a lot of effort. You can easily find many slow cooker recipes that allow you to throw the ingredients, set the timer and forget about it. When you come home, your tasty soups and stews will be ready for serving.

Slow cooker dishes are tasty and tender because of the moist heat cooking method. It is ideal to make soups, stews and casseroles. Cheaper cuts of meat such as pork shoulder, chicken thighs, beef brisket and lamb shoulder can be made tasty and juicy when you cook in slow cookers. There is no need to add oil and your meat need not be fatty. As the lid tightly seals the content, liquid will not evaporate and your meat will be cooked perfectly. Slow cookers use as much electricity as light bulbs and they don’t require your presence while the dish is cooking. For some types of recipes, you may have to add rice and herbs later. 

You should choose the size of the cooker depending on the size of your family. If you are a family of 4, a 4 quart cooker is sufficient. Oval shaped cookers cook food much faster than round cookers. Simple cookers come with Low, High and Warm settings. If you want more control over cooking, you should buy programmable cookers.

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